New Innovative Wearable Performance Enhancing Technology For Athletes

New Innovative Wearable Performance Enhancing Technology For Athletes

Grappz was innovated to protect athletes who are prone to finger jams, sprains, dislocations and breaks. Furthermore, the division of the four fingers into two pairs with compression into two separate sleeves, creating synergy within the two fingers compressed together, Grappz helps increase the strength and control of an athlete’s grip with no sacrifice to mobility. 

Grappz gloves can universally assist in all activities that require finger utility –from grappling to bike racing. However, some activities call for more finger exertion than others. If you are an athlete in the following activities, there is no reason not to add a few pairs of Grappz into your arsenal!

1.) Any Type of Grappling

Brazilian Jiujitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and more! The concept of Grappz originated from grapplers who sought a solution to the numerous finger injuries they suffered. Grapplers are fighters after all and are generally too stubborn to let finger injuries keep them away from the mats for too long. Well, if we can’t change you, we might as well take steps into making sure your fingers don’t end up like your ears.  

Wearing a pair of Grappz is also a lot less time consuming and messy than taping your fingers but best of all is you retain the full mobility of your fingers. Just slip ‘em right on and throw them in the laundry alongside the Gi and rash guards right afterwards.

 2.) Football and Rugby

 It is said that only those who have played football or rugby can truly appreciate its graceful combination of speed and power. Nonetheless, high impact collisions result in high chance of injury.  

 Did you know that 48% of football injuries involve fingers?  Rugby injuries are most commonly finger as well. Slipping on a pair of Grappz will give you added protection as well better control throwing those long-touch down passes.

 3.) Basketball

 Few other sports place such a diverse skill set to be relied upon by the coordination, the quickness, and the dexterity of the human hands. Unfortunately, the high usage of the hand in so many ways leads to wear and tear on the hands/fingers in so many ways.

You wouldn’t tape your fingers in a basketball game unless you injured them and you probably wouldn’t wear Grappz in basketball preventively either (unless you were some sort of famous pianist) BUT if you did injure your finger and still wanted to play ball, Grappz is the way better option than taping. Grappz allows a basketball player to access superior control and mobility over the ball compared to buddy taping, which is an essential component to skillsets such as dribbling, handling, and passing. The protection afforded by Grappz stabilizes jammed fingers and provides security when blocking, rebounding, and stealing.

4.) Volleyball

The explosiveness and the high-paced rhythm of a volleyball game are kept up for over an hour. A true test of endurance, the course of a volleyball game exposes the fingers to the constant stress of impact.  While studies show that Volleyball ranks low for injuries amongst major sports, the overuse of hands in dealing with constant sub-trauma impact can still very likely lead to injuries such as fractures and ligament damage.

Just like the other ball sports mentioned above, volleyball players of all levels can enjoy added security and enhanced control in handling the ball.

5.) Acro-Yoga and Acrobatics Gymnastics

Acrobatics gymnastics has been around for ages across many cultures and remains one of the most difficult activities to train for. Acrobatics work from a young age to put on dazzling shows of artistry and athleticism. 

Acro-Yoga, is a new creation by elite acrobatic Jason Nemer in 2013. Acro-Yoga combines the athletic power of acrobatics, the spiritual wisdom of yoga, and the kindness of Thai Massage. Its focus is less on performance and ability but more so on building human connection through the power of non-competitive and non-sexual touch.

Both Acrobatics and Acro-Yoga employ a two-finger ‘Spock’ grip that fits perfectly with Grappz gloves. Having a good grip is so essential to Acrobatics that Jason Nemer states that sometimes he spends up to an hour playing with his partner to find the perfect grip. Acro-Yogis, grab a pair of Grappz and protect those hands!

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