Finger support compression grappling gloves compared to buddy taping and BJJ tape or finger tape.

New Innovative Wearable Performance Enhancing Technology For Athletes

Grappz was innovated to protect athletes who are prone to finger jams, sprains, dislocations and breaks. Furthermore, the division of the four fingers into two pairs with compression into two separate sleeves, creating synergy within the two fingers compressed together, Grappz helps increase the strength and control of an athlete’s grip with no sacrifice to mobility. 

Ronda Rousey competing in Judo as a blackbelt in the Olympics with taped fingers or buddy tape

How To Optimize Your Sports Performance: Training Hard Versus Destructive Training.

At 12 years old, Ronda Rousey broke her toe in Judo practice and cried in front her mother. Judo Olympic medalist AnnMaria De Mars promptly made her daughter run laps around the gym with the broken toe. By then, her daughter had already made a choice to commit to winning an Olympic medal in Judo.
At Wrestlemania 34, Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and WWE champion, Kurt Angle and UFC champ, Ronda Rousey wearing Grappz finger support compression gloves for grip strength as a better alternative to finger tape.

Kurt Angle Debuts Grappz at Wrestlemania 34

Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle returns to WWE's Wrestlemania after 12 years!! With tag-team partner Ronda Rousey, this Olympian team puts Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to shame.
Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and WWE champion, Kurt Angle wearing finger support compression gloves, Grappz for grip strength and a better alternative to finger tape.

5 Of The All-Time Best Grapplers You Should Know About Today

Name: Rickson Gracie

Style: Brazilian Jiujitsu

Accomplishments: 9th Degree BJJ Redbelt. Undefeated in MMA, No Holds Barred, and BJJ Competitions

About: Regarded by many as the greatest BJJ practitioner of all time, Rickson Gracie –son of BJJ creator Helio Gracie- became star in the MMA community after the release of his documentary Choke.

Grappz finger protection grappling gloves being used in brazilian jiu jitsu, BJJ, mma and Judo as the better alternative to BJJ tape.

5 Greatest Life Lessons Of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Brazilian Jiujitsu community has enjoyed a massive following and a diverse ever-growing community due to the success it has enjoyed inside the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Statistically 90% of all fights end up on the ground. Because Brazilian Jiujitsu is the most comprehensive ground grappling system in the world, many argue that it is the most practical of all martial arts.