Grappz are designed by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and collegiate wrestler, Jonathan Kowalsky. Training over the years in a variety of sports, inevitably led to numerous injuries of his hands. He realized he wasn’t alone…

From professional athletes to the average person, people commonly injure their weakest but most utilized extremities, THE FINGERS.

You have two options after sustaining these aggravating injuries: tape them up or sit out. For Jonathan, sitting out wasn’t an option but taping was time consuming, inefficient and annoying. The tape almost always slipped off, left a sticky residue and compromised his mobility. So he came up with a better solution.

His goal was to protect all fingers before or after sustaining an injury without inhibiting performance or slipping off.

With the help from several elite athletes in different sports, Jonathan was able to perfect the design and found Grappz also helped improve strength.

Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle loved Grappz so much so he joined our team to help protect and strengthen hands all over the world.