Original Grappz - Finger Tape Alternative Splint Athletic Gloves For BJJ / All Sports

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  • NEVER BUY FINGER TAPE AGAIN - Help prevent jammed / broken / dislocated fingers or use them as a finger brace after sustaining an injury. A finger support athletic glove that helps maximize wrist and finger protection for all sports; BJJ, Wrestling, MMA, Judo, Sambo, Basketball, Football, Volleyball and many more. Unisex, for kids and adults.
  • A superior alternative to finger tape, BJJ tape, buddy tape, finger sleeves, grip tape and finger splints.
  • Composed of two finger sleeves with dual layer 4-way-stretch fabric providing full coverage of your joints while conjoining your index finger to your middle finger and separately your ring finger to your pinky finger, creating a finger splint yet maintaining full mobility.
  • Helps increases grip strength and performance from the synergistic force of two digits working together.
  • These  sports gloves can be used by all athletes in any sport or activity, both as a preventative measure or as a finger support post injury.
  • Silicone grip printed on fingerstalls for added traction.
  • Fiber contents: Antimicrobial 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex fabric.
  • Four-way stretch dry fit fabric exerts a gentle compression on your joints, which can help counteract pain, swelling and arthritis.
  • The athletic gloves cause tension in the soft tissue to diminish, adding circulation and mobility throughout the hands and fingers.
  • Promotes micro-circulation supporting the healing process.
  • Machine washable and will never slip off. *
  • Comes in a sleek gift worthy box, a perfect gift for any athlete.


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