Grappz are a finger support athletic glove that help maximize finger protection, a superior alternative to finger tape. The innovative design is composed of two finger sleeves with dual layer 4-way-stretch fabric that conjoin your digits, creating a finger splint while maintaining full mobility. These protective gloves are designed for all athletes and sporting activities, both as a preventative measure and as a finger brace after sustaining an injury.

There are many sports gloves on the market, but the Grappz proprietary design is more than just an athletic glove, they also act as a finger brace and help increase finger strength with thanks to the synergistic force of two digits working together. You get all the added healing benefits of hand compression with the fabric’s four-way stretch.

Finger tape is inefficient, it limits dexterity, it slips off, it’s not reusable, and it takes too long to apply. Grappz never slip off, they're easy to apply, reusable, and washing machine safe. Grappz are changing the way athletes train and protect themselves.


Just listen to board certified orthopedic surgeon, hand specialist: Dr.Lucius Pomerantz MD.

GRAPPZ Are Changing the Game for All Kinds of Athletes

Click below to learn more about common finger injuries in a variety of different sports and how GRAPPZ are more efficient than finger tape to help prevent or support those finger injuries.

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