At Wrestlemania 34, Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and WWE champion, Kurt Angle and UFC champ, Ronda Rousey wearing Grappz finger support compression gloves for grip strength as a better alternative to finger tape.

Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle returns to WWE's Wrestlemania after 12 years!! With tag-team partner Ronda Rousey, this Olympian team puts Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to shame.

Kurt highlights Grappz abilities on the grandest stage with millions of eyes on him. He looked amazing, showing the world what Grappz can do with a beautiful barrage of German Suplexes on Triple H. Kurt relentlessly holds his C-Clamp grip around Triple H, while rag-dolling him with a 'vice grip' as dictated by the WWE commentator all while wearing Grappz. A perfect display of what  Grappz is about and why it's now a part of Kurt's WWE Uniform. 

Very proud of Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey, thought this match was one of the best on the card, check it out for yourself here!