Basketball finger injury prevention

Finger Support and Protection:

If you've played basketball, whether on a professional level, scholastic team or just leisurely, you’ve very likely sustained a jammed, dislocated or broken finger at some point. When you're going up for a rebound or you're trying to steal a pass or you miscalculate catching the ball then the tip or side of a single finger gets hit and BAM! There’s immediate pain, swelling and lack of mobility in your finger. In most cases, the pain isn't serious, but you feel it. 

We recommend seeing a doctor for any injury, but we’re also aware of an athlete’s drive and competitive spirit to disregard the pain and play on. If a finger injury occurs, you may not only suffer from time off the court but you can also be affected in numerous areas of life and day-to-day tasks. When a basketball player sustains a finger injury, they’ll typically do whatever they have to do to keep playing. In the past, this involved taping your fingers together as a splint, or buddy taping. It was the only option to keep playing, we’ve all seen it at the highest level from Kobe Bryant to Steph Curry. Unfortunately, buddy taping significantly reduces mobility in the fingers due to the lack of elasticity in the tape.

Today, with the progress of wearable technology, Grappz™ finger support athletic gloves solve the problem that athletic tape couldn’t. Grappz™ offers finger support without compromising mobility and they’re way more efficient. Unlike tape, the 4-way stretch fabric has elasticity allowing your fingers to fully retract and extend. This provides mobility to maneuver the ball better than if you tape your fingers. But these basketball gloves still tightly conjoin two fingers together as a splint creating a great finger brace. They are quick and easy to apply, machine washable and they’ll never slip off. Wearing Grappz™ supports the healing process, helping counteract pain and swelling, due to all the added benefits of 4-way-stretch fabric. Below are the descriptions, causes and aftermath of the most common finger injuries in basketball. 


Finger Fracture / Finger Break

Finger Dislocation

- Finger Sprain / Hyperextension / Finger Jam




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