About Grappz

Grappz is a patented(Patent # US 10,918,933 B2), finger support athletic glove that is the superior alternative to finger tape created by BJJ black belt, collegiate wrestler, mixed martial artist, father and husband, Jonathan Kowalsky -

“As an athlete and father myself, we’re constantly trying to improve safety and the training experience for all athletes of all ages. I invented this product to solve a problem. We’re a small family business that found a way to improve the protection of all athletes' fingers without compromising their mobility, performance, comfort or convenience. We sincerely appreciate all of our customers' support.”

Training over the years in a variety of sports, inevitably led to numerous finger jams and injuries. He realized he wasn’t alone. From professional athletes to the average person, people commonly injure their weakest but most utilized extremities, THE FINGERS.

Using finger tape was time consuming, inefficient and restricting. The tape almost always slipped off, left a sticky residue and compromised finger dexterity. But there was no finger brace on the market that would solve those problems while maximizing protection so Jonathan came up with his own solution, GRAPPZ.

With the help from several elite athletes in a variety of sports, Jonathan was able to perfect the design. Created by athletes for athletes. In the developmental phase, Olympic Gold medalist wrestler and 12 – time WWE champion, Kurt Angle received a pair. He loved them so much that he wanted to be involved. Now he is part owner, giving guidance, input and feedback on all Grappz products. He wears Grappz whenever he trains and it’s now part of his official WWE uniform! Get your Kurt Angle Gloves here...

We will keep innovating braces and wearable technology so please stay tuned as we add more products to our store. 

Grappz gloves are built tough to sustain even the roughest sports: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, Wrestling, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Sambo, Grappling, Boxing, MMA, Rugby and many more. You get all the added benefits of hyper-compression technology with our durable, high quality four-way stretch, anti-microbial fabric offering targeted support and protection.

We believe Grappz is a game changer for all athletes and will be a necessity in all gym bags and locker rooms. We appreciate all your support and feedback so we can constantly improve. Train hard, train safe!


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