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These are keeping me on the mats

"These splint gloves are incredibly helpful. They provide support for the fingers and give some level of protection. I've been struggling with swollen fingers and painful arthritis from years of training with strong sleeves and lapel grips. Tape helped minimally, but I was looking for another level of support and these are doing the trick. I've been using them for many months now."

Heike -





  • NEVER BUY FINGER TAPE AGAIN - Help prevent a jammed finger, broken finger, dislocated finger and many of finger injuries or use them as a finger brace after sustaining an injury.
  • finger splint athletic glove that helps maximize finger support for all sports; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, MMA, Judo, Sambo, Basketball, Football, Volleyball and many more. Unisex, for kids and adults. *SHOULD BE A TIGHT FIT. 
  • superior alternative to finger tape, BJJ tape, buddy tape, finger sleeves, finger braces, grip tape and finger splints. 
  • Composed of two finger sleeves with dual layer 4-way-stretch fabric providing full coverage of your joints while conjoining your middle finger to your ring finger, creating a finger splint yet maintaining full mobility. 
  • Helps increases grip strength and performance from the synergistic force of two digits working together.
  • These sports gloves can be used by all athletes in any sport or activity, both as a preventative measure against finger injury, bursitis, arthritis, mallet finger, tendinitis, trigger finger or as a finger brace post injury.
  • Silicone grip printed on finger stalls for added traction. This prevent slippage and adds grip. 
  • Fiber contents: Antimicrobial 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex fabric.
  • Four-way stretch dry fit fabric exerts a gentle compression on your joints, which can help counteract pain, swelling and arthritis.
  • The athletic glove causes tension in the soft tissue to diminish, adding circulation and mobility throughout the hands and fingers.
  • Promotes micro-circulation supporting the healing process.
  • Machine washable and will never slip off. *

    Comes in a sleek gift worthy box, a perfect gift for any athlete.




    Our Alternative For Finger Tape Splints



    Amazing product with even better customer service.

    "Amazing product, I got a pair for my boys to try out in BJJ after I had a finger injury in BJJ myself. The sizing was a big off since my boys are very young but Jonathan from Grappz, jumped right in and went above and beyond to help me with sizing. I now wear one myself during training. If you love BJJ but want to mitigate injuries so that you can keep up with your training and be able to do you day job, Grappz is a must have tool."

    - Grappz Customer

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