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Football Fingers and how to prevent them:


Football, America’s new favorite past time. Whether it’s full-contact football or flag football with friends at the park, most of us are aware of and take precautions against serious injuries. But hand and finger injuries are often overlooked.  Research shows that 48% of all football injuries involve the hands and fingers. 


There was a retrospective study done of injuries that occurred during 10 football seasons between 1996 and 2005. The results show that a total of 1385 hand injuries were documented. Of those injuries, 48% involved the fingers. The studies showed that offensive and defensive linesman were most likely to sustain over all hand injuries. Wide receivers and secondary defensive players more often sustained finger specific injuries.


Today with the innovation of wearable technology, Grappz™ finger support athletic gloves, solve the problem that athletic tape could not. Grappz™ offers finger support without compromising mobility and they are way more efficient. Unlike tape, the 4-way stretch fabric has elasticity allowing your fingers to fully retract and extend, providing mobility to maneuver your fingers better than if you tape them. These football gloves tightly conjoins or ‘buddy tapes’ two fingers together as a splint for support and they’ll never slip off. They’re also quick and easy to apply, machine washable and won’t leave a sticky residue.  


Wearing Grappz™ supports the healing process, helping counteract pain and swelling. You can wear Grappz™ in a football game either to help prevent a finger injury or as a finger brace after you’ve already sustained one. Grappz™ is not just for protection but you can also improve performance and increase your grip strength from the finger synergy created by 2 fingers working together. Below are the most common football hand and finger injuries that could put you on the sidelines.


Mallet Finger

Jersey Finger 

Finger Sprain / Hyperextension / Jam

- Finger Dislocation

- Broken Finger / Fractured Finger

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