prevent finger injuries while wrestling

How Do You Prevent And Protect Finger Injuries When Wrestling?

The easiest way to recognize a wrestler is by their unmistakable cauliflower ear; they wear it like a badge of honor. Unfortunately another telltale sign of a grappler is their fingers. From years of damage you can notice their thick knuckles and finger joints or a crooked finger that’s set in place.  Like cauliflower ear, finger injuries come with the territory. 

Wrestlers are typically too stubborn to let even a major finger injury prevent them from training or competing. Understanding common finger injuries in wrestling provides valuable insight into prevention and post injury protection. The easiest solution for grapplers is to tape their fingers together or buddy tape them, creating a finger splint. But taping your fingers has some significant drawbacks. For starters, the tape seems to always slip off once you get a little sweaty. It also adds time to prep before training. But the biggest issue with tape is that it limits mobility in your fingers due to the lack of elasticity. This compromises the agility of the fingers and the ability to make a tight fist.

Today with the progress of wearable technology, Grappz™ finger support athletic gloves solve the problem that athletic tape cannot. They offer finger support without compromising mobility and they’ll never slip off. Wearing Grappz wrestling gloves is a lot less time consuming and messy than taping your fingers. Best of all, you get more support and coverage than tape but the 4-way stretch fabric has elasticity allowing your fingers to fully retract and extend. And they still tightly conjoin your two fingers together as a splint. When you’re done training throw them in the laundry to use for next practice.  Grappz™ can be used as a preventive measure against injury and as a finger brace post injury. The separate finger sleeves conjoin two fingers to work together, creating a synergistic force, helping increase grip strength and performance. Wearing Grappz™ also supports the healing process (*see benefits page). 

The concept of Grappz™ originated from grapplers who sought an efficient solution to the numerous finger injuries they suffered but without compromising performance. They wanted to innovate and improve finger support so their fingers didn’t end up like their ears. While still in its developmental stage, Olympic gold medalist and 12-time WWE world champion, Kurt Angle received a pair of Grappz™. From his years competing at the highest level, he knew they would be a “game changer” for athletes. Kurt wanted to help develop them to be the best finger brace gloves on the market so he joined the Grappz™ team, becoming part owner. Now Grappz™ has the guidance and knowledge from one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Kurt fully endorses the product and is the face of the brand but most importantly, he uses Grappz™ today in the WWE because they work. 

Common grappling fingers:

Finger Fracture/ Broken Finger

Finger Dislocation

Finger Sprain/Hyperextension 

Jersey Finger 

Boutonnière Deformity 







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