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Serving, spiking, jumping, bumping, setting and blocking — volleyball and water polo can be tough on your body and even tougher on your fingers. In volleyball or water polo, players use their fingertips to set and block the ball so it is of no surprise that finger injuries are rampant in these sports. Every player runs the risk of injury but the fingers may be the most vulnerable. The slightest miscalculation of the ball, body or ground can cause a long lasting finger injury.  But now learn how you can help protect your fingers both preventively and post injury. 

If you do incur a finger injury, consultation with your doctor or athletic trainer is advised. Treatment can vary significantly. Some injuries can require surgery, no laughing matter, you’re sidelined for months, rehab, medical bills and maybe even an inability to do your day job. 

Typically athletes do whatever they have to do to keep playing. In the past, this involved taping your fingers together as a splint, or buddy taping. It was the only option but it got the job done EXCEPT, finger tape can significantly reduce mobility due to the lack of elasticity in the tape and it’s just inefficient. 

Today with the progress of wearable technology, Grappz™ finger support athletic gloves, solve the problem that athletic tape could not. Grappz™ offers finger support without compromising mobility. These volleyball gloves / water polo gloves have a 4-way stretch fabric that offers a tight brace around your finger yet still gives you the elasticity you need to to play your sport, allowing your fingers to fully retract and extend, providing mobility to maneuver better than tape.  

The finger sleeves tightly conjoins or ‘buddy tapes’ 2 fingers together as a splint for support. Unlike finger tape, they’re quick and easy to apply, machine washable and there’s no sticky residue.  They will never slip off and support the healing process. Grappz™ also provides finger synergy, increasing your grip strength and performance. You can wear Grappz™ either to help prevent a finger injury or as a finger brace after you’ve already sustained one. 

Below are the most common volleyball and water polo finger injuries:

-Broken finger / Fractured finger.

-Finger Dislocation.

-Finger tendon / ligament tear.

-Finger sprains or finger jam.

-Mallet Finger.


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